Youʻve stumbled upon my little space on the world wide web, I donʻt think itʻs a coincidence that youʻre here.

Iʻm a driven wahineprenuer with a few years of being a work-from-home-mom under my belt. I have a podcast called Hine. Check it out!

To bring what I do full circle with the perfect wellness trinity, of body, mind, and spirit, Iʻll help you to strengthen and improve your mindset.



Kākoʻo to take control of your health + wellness, improve your finances or grow a business.



Life-hacks and alchemy to strengthen and improve your mindset.



I use the ʻōlelo o nā lani (language of the heavens) to give guidance on the path towards living the life you want to design.

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My name is Kehau

Iʻm a mother of 4, a podcaster, the founder of HI Vibe Hui, I run @maddahearth, a spiritual mentor, virtual health + wellness coach, and certified metaphyiscal practitioner specializing in tarot, mana medicine + Astrology—no one cares about my labels and certifications. Youʻre here because you need to HEAL.

Youʻre in luck because Iʻm passionate about helping others. I truly believe that we are all here to walk each other home. Home may look different depending on the person youʻre talking to. It could be a place of empowerment, creating more freedom, generating another stream of income, finally leaving behind self-imposed limitations, peace of mind, or even something as simple as being present in the now.

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Letʻs Talk Story!

Just finished Tarot 101 and loved it! The course is super chill – new material weekly and you’re able to go at your own pace. I found it easy to learn in a group setting and loved when people asked questions because I had most of those questions, too! Saha is great at being there for you along the way and I found her guidance really helpful and nurturing. I even signed up for Tarot 102 and can’t wait to learn more! If you have a chance to sign up, it’s totally worth it!

Makaleʻa Chang

I felt an instant comfort of connection with your down to earth straightforwardness. Being natural with your reading was relaxing with some good laughs – that I needed. You are on spot with my current life at the moment without you knowing any information of myself. You have given me the clarification I needed to fill my na’au with Hā again – to move forward in confidence. Mahalo Piha!

Anela Rendorio

I met Kehau on social media and was drawn to her. I saw her website, watched a reading she did and right away I wanted to get a reading from her. She is so knowledgable, compassionate, focused, funny, honest and made me feel comfortable with my reading. Everything that jumped out of her deck and how she explained it made soooo much sense to me. I totally understood everything she explained about each card. The reading she gave was a 2020 reading and let’s just say there will be a lot of lessons and light ahead. I’m preparing myself to do better and even wiser now that she had read me. Change is coming and I can’t wait for the growth as well. Mahalo nui loa for the reading 🙂 Love & light, God bless U.

Youʻre so gifted Kehau, keep up the awesome work!!!

Chanin Kahale

Kehau is my GO TO spiritual guru. I have never met someone who gives so much of herself to help others. Kehau is not a sugar coating kinda gal, and tells it like it is. I’ve been following Kehau on YouTube, her blog, Instagram stories, you name it. Once you start listening to her, you’ll be HOOKED. Kehau is the definition of REAL. Every card reading Kehau has done is always……..let me say it one more time, ALWAYS on point. Thank you Kehau for being a bright light, helping me to clear negative energy and always offering me hope.

Shavone Lave

Kehau is an amazing metaphysic and truly a “Guru” in her own right. Her talents and intuitive sense are beyond what I’ve experienced. Since our reading I have gotten much clearer on what to focus my time and energy on and walked away with a better perspective on how to strategize through challenges. Anything Kehau sets her mind to she gives it 💯. I especially love her interactive “Pick a Pack” readings on youtube. Iʻm amazed of the outcome since its always relevant to whatʻs currently going on; It always blows my mind. She doesnʻt only do Tarot readings she also creates Sidereal Astrology charts, as well as, Mahina (moon) Calendars. Thereʻs so much more I could list, but these are just to name a few projects thatʻs sheʻs created. She is one talented wahine!

If youʻre looking to learn more about yourself through Sidereal Astrology and align yourself with whatʻs happening in the universe, I highly recommend scheduling a reading with Kehau. I honestly wouldnʻt go to anyone else for this type of work. She is definitely my go to when it comes to gaining a better understanding of whatever Iʻm dealing with as she provides Clarity and Hope in order to move forward when at times you feel stuck. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with this amazing, honest and gifted woman and proud to call her a dear friend. Check her out with all things Saha/Kehau; youʻll be glad you did.

Malia Hoʻokano

Kehau has honestly blown my mind! After hearing a couple of my girlfriends readings I had to contact her. I was so nervous but after hearing my readings I feel so much more at peace with all the thoughts I have flowing in my head. I got the confirmations I needed to really push myself into the person I want to be and can be. I love her and how she keeps it real and truly welcomes you in like family!!

Karina Bondallian

I had 2 readings done by Kēhau. One in earlier 2020 & the 2nd a month ago. First off, her vibe is fire & heart genuine. She explains the tarot well, knows what she’s talking about & was invested in each reading. She won’t sugar-coat what she sees or influence your decision on her explanation. I highly recommend getting a reading done with her & also your friends and family. You won’t regret it!

Casey Santos

I’ve been looking for someone to do readings and I was hesitant until I found Kehau. A friend of mine got one and said only positive things, so then I booked a reading with Kehau. My mind was blown!! I could feel the energy through the screen, it was so powerful and positive. Kehau was so genuine and raw, she didn’t sugarcoat anything, even made me laugh. I’m so grateful I found Kehau, definitely getting more readings in the future and I will always recommend her to friends and family!

Nicole Ku

Kehau did a reading for me on Olakino Guidance because I was just feeling stressed out, restless, anxious…all that kind of stuff. It was so good. She was on point on so many levels; work related, self-care related, relationship related. So many things she said resonated with me. What I love about her readings is that she coaches me through what everything means and how I can resolve any unbalances or issues I have or will have. She’s always super genuine and real. I highly recommend getting a reading from her. You won’t be disappointed.

Anoʻilani Aga

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